Modbury Chess Club Tournament Results

Below is a list of our recorded results, displayed most recent first. To view the actual results, click the date, description or 'Show Results' link at the right of the tournament you want to look at.

Event DateDescriptionView
29 July 2016Club Championship 2016Show Results
8 January 2016Allegro Quad January 2016Show Results
11 December 2015Blitz Tournament 2015Show Results
27 March 2015Easter Rapid Championship 2015Show Results
22 August 2014Blitz Championship 2014Show Results
17 August 2014State Rapid ChampionshipShow Results
25 July 2014Modbury Championship 2014Show Results
18 August 2013Modbury Rapid Open 2013Show Results
2 August 2013Short DivisionShow Results
26 July 2013Club Championship 2013Show Results
7 June 2013Blitz TournamentShow Results
26 April 2013Allegro SwissShow Results
22 March 2013Easter Rapid Championship 2013Show Results
18 January 2013Match PlayShow Results
11 January 2013SwissShow Results
4 January 2013Short DivisionShow Results
7 December 2012Christmas Handicap 2012Show Results
9 November 2012Allegro SwissShow Results
2 November 2012Blitz Tournament 2nd October 2012Show Results
26 October 2012Octoberfest 2012Show Results
31 August 2012Allegro SwissShow Results
24 August 2012Blitz Championship 2012Show Results
19 August 2012Modbury Rapid Open 2012Show Results
3 August 2012Short Division, August 2012Show Results
8 June 2012Blitz Tournament, 2012Show Results
7 May 2012Club Championship 2012Show Results
31 March 2012Easter Cup 2012Show Results
9 December 2011Christmas Handicap 2011Show Results
28 October 2011Oktoberfest 2011Show Results
2 September 2011Allegro September 2011Show Results
19 August 2011Blitz Championship 2011Show Results
29 July 2011Short Division 29th July 2011Show Results
10 June 2011June BlitzShow Results
20 May 20114 Round SwissShow Results
6 May 2011Club Championship 2011Show Results
15 April 2011Easter Cup 2011Show Results
4 March 2011Fischer RandomShow Results
25 February 2011Blitz Tournament 25th February 2011Show Results
28 January 2011January BlitzShow Results
14 January 2011Allegro January 2011Show Results
7 January 2011Rapid Divisions 1 - 4Show Results
10 December 2010Christmas Handicap 2010Show Results
8 October 2010Oktoberfest 2010Show Results
1 October 2010Swiss October 2010Show Results
1 September 2010Rapid September 2010Show Results
13 August 2010Blitz Championship 2010Show Results
6 August 2010Short Division August 2010Show Results
1 August 2010Club Championship 2010Show Results
27 March 2010Easter Cup 2010Show Results
26 February 2010Blitz Tournament 26th February, 2010Show Results
1 February 2010Long Division February 2010 (Group 2)Show Results
1 February 2010Long Division February 2010 Group 1Show Results
1 February 2010Long Division February 2010 (Group 3)Show Results
15 January 20104 Round Swiss 15th January, 2010Show Results
8 January 2010Short Division 8th January, 2010 (Group 1)Show Results
8 January 2010Short Division 8th January, 2010 (Group 1)Show Results
1 August 2009Swiss - August 2009Show Results
26 June 2009Rapid Tournament 26th June, 2009 (Group 3)Show Results
26 June 2009Rapid Tournament 26th June, 2009 (Group 2)Show Results
26 June 2009Rapid Tournament 26th June, 2009 (Group 1)Show Results
5 June 2009Blitz Tournament 5th June, 2009Show Results
1 May 2009Swiss - May 2009Show Results
1 May 2009Club Championship 2009Show Results
1 March 2009Easter Cup 2009Show Results
1 January 2009Swiss January 2009Show Results