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Blitz Tournament 5th June, 2009

                                  Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9  

1  Mdinaradze, Edgar              1899 8     10:W  6:W  2:W  5:W  3:L  4:W 13:W  7:W  8:W
2  Horne, Brad                    1675 7      9:W 12:W  1:L  8:W  4:L  7:W  3:W  6:W  5:W
3  Sanders, Michael J             1162 6.5    6:L  9:W  7:W 12:W  1:W  5:W  2:L  4:D 14:W
4  Chilman, Alan                  1610 6     11:D 10:L 13:W  6:W  2:W  1:L  5:W  3:D 12:W
5  Staak, Eric                    1478 4.5   14:W  7:D 11:W  1:L  8:W  3:L  4:L  9:W  2:L
6  Walshe, D Bradley              1665 4.5    3:W  1:L  8:L  4:L 14:W 11:W 10:W  2:L  7:D
7  Maric, Milan                   1544 4.5   13:D  5:D  3:L 10:W 11:W  2:L 14:W  1:L  6:D
8  Watters, Daniel                1404 4.5   12:L 14:W  6:W  2:L  5:L 13:W  9:D 10:W  1:L
9  Vuckov, George                 1188 4.5    2:L  3:L 14:W 11:W 12:W 10:L  8:D  5:L 13:W
10 Perinovic, Mladen              1420 4      1:L  4:W 12:L  7:L 13:W  9:W  6:L  8:L 11:W
11 Devereux, Tom                       3.5    4:D 13:W  5:L  9:L  7:L  6:L 12:W 14:W 10:L
12 Anderson-Smith, William (Bill) 1867 3      8:W  2:L 10:W  3:L  9:L 14:W 11:L 13:L  4:L
13 Li, David                           1.5    7:D 11:L  4:L 14:L 10:L  8:L  1:L 12:W  9:L
14 Lawton, Richard                     1      5:L  8:L  9:L 13:W  6:L 12:L  7:L 11:L  3:L

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