Modbury Chess Club Members

Below is a list of our valued members!

MugshotNameTitleSTD RatingRapid RatingComments
Alex AbdurakhmonovMemberUnrUnr
John AktapodaMemberUnrUnr
Ibrahim AlghamdiMemberUnrUnr
William (Bill) Anderson-SmithMember1485!!1639One of the longest serving members, having joined in 1984. Bill served as President for three years before becoming both secretary and DOP since 1990 to the present time. Bill has won the Club Championship on eight occasions. He is also well-known in SA chess circles for his help in organising and running various SACA tournaments, not to mention competing in interstate events.
Leonid AntanovskiiMemberUnrUnr
Edvard AtrensMemberUnrUnr
Vandan BabbarMemberUnrUnr
Rodante BadillaMemberUnrUnr
Stan BalcerekMember1887Unr
Max BanfieldMemberUnrUnr
Caleb BarnsMemberUnrUnr
Gregory BrazierMemberUnrUnr
Reg BrownMemberUnrUnr
Stuart CarterMemberUnrUnr
Alan ChilmanPresident1650!1606?Joined as a member since 1994 and became President in 1996. Alan has won the club championship, but is more likely to win at Lightning, having won the Lightning Championship 7 times.
Edwin ChungMemberUnrUnr
Colin CloudsdaleMemberUnrUnr
Andrew CoplandMemberUnrUnr
Robert CowleyMemberUnrUnr
kevin cresdeeMemberUnrUnr
Jordan CuttingMemberUnrUnr
Jordan CuttingMemberUnrUnr
Alex DavidovicMemberUnrUnr
George de JongMember1178Unr
Wynand de WitMemberUnrUnr
Cheng DongMemberUnrUnr
James DrewMemberUnrUnr
Mate DugandzicMemberUnrUnr
Stephen DunnMemberUnrUnr
Peter EllgarMemberUnrUnr
Khyati Arjun FadiaMemberUnrUnr
Zachary FitzsimonsMemberUnrUnr
Tony GardnerMemberUnrUnr
Cecil GaviolaMemberUnrUnr
Andrew GilbertMemberUnrUnr
Simeon GimenezMemberUnrUnr
Zachary GoldingMemberUnrUnr
Graham GrayMember1760UnrEx president of the club, Graham served Modbury Chess Club in it's early days.
azizullah halimMemberUnrUnr
Rhona HamiltonMemberUnrUnr
Louis HancockMemberUnrUnr
Paul HancockMemberUnrUnr
Jude HardyAccountUnrUnr
Luke HartMemberUnrUnr
Thomas HatchingMemberUnrUnr
Jason HathawayMemberUnrUnr
Nikila HewageMemberUnrUnr
Brad HorneTreasurer1552!!1624Formerly a member in 1980s, Brad rejoined as a member in 2008 and joined the Executive committee and then became treasurer in 2011. He is a very strong player, not to be taken lightly in any style of game.
Daniel HorneMemberUnrUnr
Andy HuynhMemberUnrUnr
Anthony HuynhMemberUnrUnr
Isabel HuynhMemberUnrUnr
Mato (Matt) JelicMember1824!1785!!A member since 2005, he joined the Executive committee last year. Matt won the Club Championship three times and the Lightning Championship twice, and also teaches chess for school-children.
GM Darryl JohansenMember25092509
Georgi KanchevMemberUnrUnr
Kim KennettMemberUnrUnr
Bill KerrMemberUnrUnr
Umar KhasanovMemberUnrUnr
Punala KiripitegeMemberUnrUnr
Chathula KiripitigeMemberUnrUnr
Vitaly KlimenchukMemberUnrUnr
Kim Yong KongMemberUnrUnr
Qi Le Kong-LimMemberUnrUnr
Dimandiw KosgallanaMemberUnrUnr
Tharindu KosgallanaMemberUnrUnr
Warren KramerMember1182!1284!!
Joe LamarcaMemberUnrUnr
Richard LawtonCommittee Member1381?1111!
Benjamin LiMemberUnrUnr
David LiMember577??854
Christine LiuMemberUnrUnr
Ethan LiuMemberUnrUnr
Litong LuMemberUnrUnr
rick luMemberUnrUnr
Yong (Rick) LuMember15131403?
John MadingMember1423!!1435!
Krishna ManepalliMember1147?Unr
Milan MaricMember1421!!1405
Max MarriottMemberUnrUnr
Hyrem Maunsell-PaeaMemberUnrUnr
Alex McAdamMemberUnrUnr
Edgar MdinaradzeMember1893!!1880!!
Aaron MerrittMemberUnrUnr
Tony MillerMemberUnrUnr
Jose MirandaMemberUnrUnr
Michael MitchellMemberUnrUnr
hafiz mohammadiMemberUnrUnr
Richard MontgomeryMemberUnrUnr
Prashant MuraliMember1300?Unr
Dragos NastasieMemberUnrUnr
Erik NiemoellerMemberUnrUnr
Sung OkMemberUnrUnr
Ye Seul OkMemberUnrUnr
Eryk PaprzyckiSecretaryUnrUnr
Larry ParikhMemberUnrUnr
Vinay ParikhMemberUnrUnr
Benjamin ParkinMemberUnrUnr
Connor PentzMemberUnrUnr
Joseph PergoletoMemberUnrUnr
Mladen PerinovicMember1522!1458!
Daniel PetashviliMemberUnrUnr
Igor PetashviliMemberUnrUnr
Josh PobkeMemberUnrUnr
Liz PortsMemberUnrUnr
Elliott PrinceMemberUnrUnr
Sue PullensMemberUnrUnr
Siamak RadpelMemberUnrUnr
John RichesMemberUnrUnr
Mihai RotaruMemberUnrUnr
Frank RussoMemberUnrUnr
Latif RuzehajiMemberUnrUnr
Steven SabatiniMemberUnrUnr
Yury SafinMemberUnrUnr
Ken SalimMemberUnrUnr
Bryson SalterMemberUnrUnr
Michael SandersMember1343!!1306!
Ammar ShohaniMember1492!1482
prabhat sinhaMemberUnrUnr
Eric StaakMember15601805Member since 2005 and served as Treasurer from 2008 to 2011. Eric is always a player to be wary of, especially his sound knowledge of many openings and their traps and pitfalls.
Kyle StaudeMemberUnrUnr
Djordje StojanovicMemberUnrUnr
hussain sulaimaniMemberUnrUnr
Rajeev SureshMemberUnrUnr
Gordon TangMemberUnrUnr
Ian TangMemberUnrUnr
Sebastian TeagleMemberUnrUnr
Bowen ThomasMemberUnrUnr
Brad ThompsonMemberUnrUnr
Adnan TorlakMemberUnrUnr
Michael TottyMemberUnrUnr
Roman UmetskiyMemberUnrUnr
Martin UsherMemberUnrUnr
Peter van der SchootMember1643Unr
Denis VasilyevMemberUnrUnr
Nicholas VassilaropoulosMemberUnrUnr
Christiaan ViljoenMemberUnrUnr
George VuckovMember1351!!1266!
Brad WalsheMember1369!!1280
feiyang wangMemberUnrUnr
Tristan WarringtonMemberUnrUnr
Daniel (Dan) WattersMember1346!1695?
Frank WeeksMemberUnrUnr
Tasha WengMemberUnrUnr
Garth WhitneyMember846998?
Sarah WilliamsMemberUnrUnr
Helen ZangMemberUnrUnr
Ashkan ZarghamiMemberUnrUnr
Daniel ZeLenskiyMemberUnrUnr
Daniel ZherebtsovMemberUnrUnr

Ratings details: ?? = Highly unstable, ? = Unstable, ! = Stable, !! = Very stable, Unr = Unrated, 2g = 2 more games needed until rating is given.

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