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Blitz Championship 2011

No Name                    Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11  

1  Mdinaradze, Edgar       2067 11     7:W  6:W  9:W  3:W  2:W  5:W  4:W 10:W 12:W 11:W  8:W
2  Horne, Brad             1744 9     14:W  4:W  5:W  9:W  1:L  3:W  7:L  8:W 16:W  6:W 12:W
3  Chung, Edwin Shu Hon    1550 8     19:W 10:W  6:W  1:L 15:W  2:L  5:W  7:W  4:L  9:W 14:W
4  Kennett, Kim            1420 7.5   16:W  2:L 20:W 12:W  5:D  6:W  1:L  9:W  3:W  8:L 15:W
5  Chilman, Alan           1760 6.5   15:W 11:W  2:L  8:W  4:D  1:L  3:L  6:W  7:L 10:W 13:W
6  Giminez, Simeon         1541 6     12:W  1:L  3:L 13:W  8:W  4:L 15:W  5:L 18:W  2:L 16:W
7  Petashvili, Igor             6      1:L 12:L 13:W 18:W 16:W  9:W  2:W  3:L  5:W  0:L  0:L
8  Walshe, D Bradley       1411 6     18:W  9:L 14:W  5:L  6:L 17:W 10:W  2:L 13:W  4:W  1:L
9  Gaviola, Cecil          1643 6     20:W  8:W  1:L  2:L 12:W  7:L 11:W  4:L 17:W  3:L 18:W
10 Li, David Yuanhao       1373 6     13:W  3:L 12:L 16:W 11:W 15:W  8:L  1:L 19:W  5:L 17:W
11 Vuckov, George          1490 6     17:W  5:L 15:L 14:W 10:L 13:W  9:L 18:W 20:W  1:L 19:W
12 Khasanov, Umar               5      6:L  7:W 10:W  4:L  9:L 14:W 13:L 19:W  1:L 18:W  2:L
13 Barns, Caleb                 5     10:L 19:W  7:L  6:L 17:W 11:L 12:W 15:W  8:L 20:W  5:L
14 Petashvili, Daniel      352  5      2:L 16:W  8:L 11:L 18:W 12:L 19:W 20:W 15:L 17:W  3:L
15 Niemoeller, Erik             4.5    5:L 17:W 11:W 20:W  3:L 10:L  6:L 13:L 14:W 16:D  4:L
16 Staude, Kyle                 3.5    4:L 14:L 19:W 10:L  7:L 20:W 18:W 17:L  2:L 15:D  6:L
17 Salter, Bryson               3     11:L 15:L 18:L 19:W 13:L  8:L 20:W 16:W  9:L 14:L 10:L
18 Zherebtsov, Daniel           2      8:L 20:L 17:W  7:L 14:L 19:W 16:L 11:L  6:L 12:L  9:L
19 Gilbert, Andrew              2      3:L 13:L 16:L 17:L 20:W 18:L 14:L 12:L 10:L  0:W 11:L
20 Liu, Christine               2      9:L 18:W  4:L 15:L 19:L 16:L 17:L 14:L 11:L 13:L  0:W
21 Anderson-Smith, William 1903 0      0:L  0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 

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